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PharmacyValley Relief Pharmacists hand-selects all pharmacists and does not rely on resumes alone. We recruit pharmacists based on references from our colleagues and the pharmacy community. We believe this networking is the most effective method of locating qualified pharmacists. We personally interview and conduct a thorough screening of each prospective pharmacist before we hire and put our reputation on the line.

Our goal is to understand the individual skills, desires, and needs of each pharmacist. This is the only way Valley Relief Pharmacists can develop the best working relationship between the pharmacists and pharmacy managers.

Pharmacy owners can hire any pharmacist to dispense drugs and bill insurance companies. Our desire to communicate and educate is what sets us apart from other pharmacists. We recognize that providing excellent service to customers is the only way Valley Relief Pharmacists can provide excellent service to you. It is this dedication to the service of pharmacy owners and their customers that has allowed our continued success.

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