Mission Statement
Valley Relief Pharmacists strives to provide the highest quality pharmacists and pharmacy consulting services. We are committed to the values of honesty, integrity, and fairness.

Our History
Valley Relief was created by a pharmacist for pharmacists. Since 1991 we have been working hard serving the pharmacy community in Northern and Central California.

About Us
Valley Relief Pharmacists is locally owned and operated in the Sacramento area. We have pharmacists located throughout Northern California, the Bay Area, and the Central Valley ready to serve pharmacies in this region. Whether you need coverage for a day, a four-day weekend, or an extended leave of absence, Valley Relief Pharmacists can regularly assist in competently and courteously fulfilling your needs.

Valley Relief Pharmacists has been in business over 17 years. Our success lies in our philosophy of putting the customer's needs first. We recognize the importance of supplying quality pharmacist services—especially in accuracy, surpassing the customer's expectations, and positive relations with the pharmacy's support staff.

Valley Relief Pharmacists recognizes the essence of serving our customers and understands that individual needs will vary with each pharmacy. Our goal is to find an ideal fit between pharmacist and pharmacy. We regularly discuss with the pharmacy the individual skills of each available pharmacist before confirming any booking. Each pharmacist we place possesses a high degree of professionalism, technical competence, and customer service skills.


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